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A composition for ensemble (kl, pos, perc, harp, p, v, va, vc, kb) + electronics. Performed by the Argovia Philharmonic-Orchestra + guests. Nov 6th at KIFF, Aarau.


Dave Eleanor


As a producer, Dave Eleanor has emerged from his early beginnings of exploring dubby electronica. He’s now grown to be a proper songwriter of dreamy and experimental pop music. Still, he’s never cut the bonds to english club music - so let’s call it bass pop then. «6» is his latest piece of work reflecting that progression.

After the reduced, intimate predecessor album 'Monologues', '6' is anything but soft and discreet: 'It's Not You' or 'In The End' push forward, other tracks like 'Rabbit Hole' are calmer, under the surface, however, is seething, the lyrics pay homage to the driven spirit. , 6 'sounds like a good night in a broken world. The synths have become more epochal, the melodies are memorable, the voice self-conscious. , 6 'is direct and angry without losing the eye contact.